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Stainless Steel Metalworks - CUSTOMIZED PROJECTS

We develop stainless steel metalwork projects based on our customers’ ideas or sketches. From the early stages to the final result, Profinox ensures that your project is carried out according to the highest quality standards. 

Every project is a story

From the first sketches and ideas that our customers show us, their translation into an electronic format (CAD design), their preparation for production to their final delivery, our stainless steel metalwork services are part of a process committed to quality, durability and professionalism. We have been providing customized services for stainless steel metalworks since 2005. Over the years, Profinox has served a wide range of industries, from the less demanding to the most rigorous – such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, which are also the main areas of our activity. 

proiecte personalizate


Apart from the production of custom stainless steel metalworks, we frequently manufacture a diverse range of products and provide services such as:

1. Stainless Steel Metal Structures:
– Stainless Steel Frames
– Stainless Steel Enclosures
– Stainless Steel Tables
– Stainless Steel Ladders
– Stainless Steel Handrails
– Stainless Steel Carts
– Stainless Steel Cabinets
– Stainless Steel Platforms

2. Stainless steel food installations/equipment::
– Valve Blocks
– Stainless Steel Collectors
– Distributors
– Process Connections
– CIP Systems
– Stainless Steel Conveyors

3. Stainless steel pharmaceutical installations:
– Valve Blocks
– Process Routes
– Borescopes
– Documentation

4. Stainless Steel Storage Tanks:
– Stainless Steel Tanks
– Stainless Steel Vats
– Stainless Steel Storage Containers
– Stainless Steel Preparation Vessels
– Stainless Steel Boilers

The products and projects we take on for our customers are complemented by professional services for a wide range of industries, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as the cosmetics, dairy, soft drinks, mineral water and beer industries. We perform stainless steel welding, laser cutting, CNC bending, rolling, sheet metal and profile cutting, stainless steel sandblasting, CAD design, powder coating, etc. The full range of Profinox services ensures essential long-term maintenance and our support at any production stage. 


Profinox can provide you with stainless steel metalworks wherever you are. We have customers and partners in Romania’s major cities, such as Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Oradea, Brasov or Constanta. But we deliver the final products everywhere in the country, as well as all over Europe!

We perform metalwork in Bucharest, but also in the capital’s metropolitan area, and we provide products and complex services in the field of stainless steel production.

We make metalworks in Iasi – from stainless steel ladders, handrails or cabinets to food and pharmaceutical industry installations and equipment. 

We have been present on the local market since 2005. We perform metalwork in Cluj according to the most rigorous quality standards in the field! 

Are you looking for metalwork services in Oradea? Profinox has a young team of engineers ready to take on your project or your requests.

Your Brasov metalwork project is in good hands. With Profinox, you can benefit from all our expertise and experience in the field!

We go all the way to the Black Sea Coast! Profinox performs metalwork in Constanta and provides related professional services in the field of stainless steel production. 

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