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Stainless Steel Platforms

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We manufacture customized stainless steel platforms according to the technical requirements and information given by our customers and the specific needs of the project. Spaces in warehouses or factories can be optimized with industrial metal platforms tailored to your activities.

A solid, sturdy and durable metal platform ensures the safe and efficient performance of specific professional tasks. Depending on the available space and the specifics of your activities, as well as the technical requirements that need to be met, the Profinox team of specialists will ensure that you get the stainless steel platform you need.

If you need industrial metal platforms or other types of metal structures that are safe and sturdy, please request a quote and our specialists will contact you as soon as possible!

A metal platform, if it meets all safety and quality standards and requirements, is the ideal solution for supporting different work sites at a height, as well as for creating connecting surfaces between different work sites. What are the benefits of a stainless steel platform? 

  • Extremely solid and sturdy construction: a metal platform offers safety for both work sites and workers.
  • For an increased level of safety, the metal platform can be fitted with handrails and ladders made of ribbed sheet metal.
  • We make stainless steel platforms from profiles or square or round pipes, depending on your requests and needs.

    The quality of our work and the professionalism with which we approach each project are just some of the aspects that recommend us. We provide complex professional stainless steel machining products and services, meeting the most rigorous requirements and expectations. 

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