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Stainless Steel Wastebins


Product information

A good-quality stainless steel wastebin is an essential element for the safe, correct and responsible collection of waste of any kind. In the production process of each container of this kind, Profinox relies on excellence, using materials and manufacturing procedures meeting the highest standards. Thus, a Profinox stainless steel wastebin stands out by its strength, durability and aesthetic design. It may be a simple wastebin, but the quality of workmanship and materials used is not inferior to any other product in the HORECA range.

We understand that in this industry, safety, resistance and hygiene standards are at the highest level. That is why we make sure that every product manufactured by Profinox, be it a table, a washing unit, a cabinet, a stainless steel cart or a simple stainless steel wastebin, is in strict compliance with all the specific standards of the food industry.

Our products are made to order, with a wide variety of models and options, depending on the requirements and instructions of each individual customer. Although mainly intended for the HORECA industry, a wastebin can be successfully integrated into any environment. Whether in an office, a supermarket or a public area, Profinox wastebins will prove their usefulness and, with their modern design, they will successfully enhance the place in which they stand.

Besides our classic wastebins, Profinox wishes to do its bit for the environment by promoting and developing solutions for sorting waste. We therefore provide containers for waste sorting equipped with 1, 2, 3 or more compartments depending on your wishes and needs. Are you looking for a stainless steel wastebin or a sorting bin? Feel free to ask us for a quote!

Whether you choose a sorting bin or a classic model, you will enjoy the same premium Profinox quality. Our products are nationally and internationally renowned for their impeccable manufacturing techniques, solid and long-lasting materials and a whole range of other qualities. These include:

  • Wastebins are manufactured according to the customer’s requirements depending on the dimensions and space needed;
  • Products are made of high-quality materials, w1.4301 or w1.4404 stainless steel;
  • Increased resistance to corrosion;
  • High-quality professional welding to join materials, more than just spot welding.
  • Extremely long service life, the products retaining their quality over the years with proper maintenance;
  • Increased resistance to temperature variations;

    Products are easy to clean and have antiseptic properties.

Profinox is a long-established manufacturer of customized industrial equipment made to order according to the needs of each individual customer. Whether you want a classic wastebin or a sorting bin, we wish not only to guarantee quality, but to create products that fully meet your needs. You can therefore choose between several options:

  • Adaptable number of containers;
  • Lid;
  • The possibility to choose the thickness of the material;
  • Surface: matt, vibration, satin, sandblasted or painted;
  • Fasteners.

Orice cos gunoi inox fabricat de Profinox prezinta o garantie de 5 ani de la data achizitiei.

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