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Customized projects

Do you have a unique project or idea that you want to bring to life? We carry out customized projects, starting from the customer’s sketches or ideas, which Profinox engineers take and transform into a final product of the highest quality. Our company, through the quoting-design department, has a young and enthusiastic team of engineers ready to meet customer requests with the most efficient solutions in a very short time.

Having been present in the stainless steel equipment manufacturing industry since 2005, we have earned the appreciation of our customers and partners precisely for developing one-of-a-kind products. We take on customized projects in the most varied industries and sectors and meet the standards of those most rigorous and demanding: the pharmaceutical and food industries. We develop customized projects for stainless steel metalworks, starting from the customer’s idea or sketch, which, after being taken over by the engineering department, is developed to an optimal level for manufacturing and commissioning purposes. If you already have a project or an idea that you want to see take shape, you can request a quote.

Important: We accompany you from the early stages of the project until its completion, and you can count on our experience and expertise throughout the entire project. Our collaboration can be extended further, as we are able to offer maintenance services for customized projects carried out by Profinox specialists. 


In order to develop your project, we start with a telephone or face-to-face meeting, during which a dedicated engineer carefully reviews the information you have in order to establish the product typology and lay the foundations for the future project.

For any customized project we take on, the initial phase involves CAD design. The project engineer asks you for all the technical details needed for the precise development of the product, its translation from an idea/sketch into an electronic format – with the help of our design software. 

At this stage, your idea starts to take shape. The project engineer creates an electronic presentation of your idea based on the technical information received. Your project is now ready to go into production. As soon as the product matches your expectations, you will receive a price quote. 

At this stage of a customized project, in order for our customer’s idea to materialize, all we need is a binding order. As soon as we receive your order, the project goes into production. This is followed by procurement of the materials, their preparation for production, the actual manufacturing cycle and the product completion. 

We have adopted the best solutions to deliver the product to you. We are able to deliver anywhere in the country, from small towns to big cities (Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj, Oradea, Brasov, Constanta etc.). We also deliver in Europe. 

You can opt for different types of packaging:

double walled cardboard double bubble wrap stretch film sponge polystyrene special cotton beds wooden crates

As well as the many customized projects we handle for our customers, we frequently manufacture a diverse range of products, among which we can mention: 

Stainless steel metal structures (platforms, cabinets, carts, handrails, ladders, tables, enclosures, stainless steel frames); Stainless steel installations and food equipment (valve blocks, collectors, distributors, process connections, CIP systems, stainless steel conveyors, etc.); Stainless steel pharmaceutical installations (valve blocks, process routes, borescopes, documentation); Stainless steel storage tanks (tanks, vats, storage containers, preparation vessels, boilers). 

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