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Professional CNC bending services

We provide CNC bending services, performed according to the highest standards of quality and precision, using Abkant’s high-performance bending technologies.

We carry out various CNC bending operations, depending on the customer’s wishes and needs: metal bending, CNC pipe bending, bending of elements obtained through other technological operations.

We value the quality of the products and services we offer and ensure that CNC bending operations do not deviate from this principle. For the results we achieve to meet the expected quality standards, we rely on the best-performing machines in the industry – Abkant bending technologies.

Abkant bending machines are ideal for bending metal sheets, CNC pipe bending, but also for bending cut parts, proving highly efficient even in the most difficult radii. Abkant CNC equipment is renowned for the “in-the-air bending” technique it uses, allowing very precise bends.

The speed and precision guaranteed by Abkant bending machines ensure not only excellent processing, but shorter project completion times. CNC bending services using Abkant machines are excellent in conjunction with laser cutting services provided by Profinox. As they are complementary operations, opting for a mixed package of services allows you to optimize project duration and costs.

Our CNC bending machines combine precision with technological innovation so as to create products of the highest quality. We have CNC sheet metal and pipe bending machines operating with Abkant technology, renowned on the market for speed, performance and precision.


Technical specifications

Pressing force: 2,500 kN
Maximum bending length: 3,000 mm

Y-axis: 0.005 mm
X-axis: 0.04 mm
R-axis: 0.08 mm

LVD PPI 135/40/3

Technical specifications:
Pressing force: 1,350 kN
Maximum bending length: 3,000 mm


– extremely fast working times
– reduced production costs
– high precision

We have been active on the Romanian market since 2005, and over time, the high standard of quality we offer through our range of services and products has ranked us among the top brands in the industry.

The Profinox team is made up of true professionals, specialized in CNC bending services and more, who deliver results of the highest standards every time.

Apart from CNC sheet metal and pipe bending, we provide professional services in stainless steel welding, laser cutting, rolling, sheet metal and profile cutting, stainless steel sandblasting, mechanical machining, CAD design and powder coating. To request a quote, please fill in the online form or contact us directly for more details. 

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