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CNC mechanical machining of the highest quality

We perform any type of CNC mechanical machining in a short time – even for the most complex parts. Whether you need a single part or a small or large series, you can rely on Profinox CNC mechanical machining services. We are ready to carry out any type of request with impeccable quality and in a short time.

We use high-performance equipment which enables us to provide stainless steel machining services according to the highest quality standards! Thanks to our strong network of partners and suppliers, we offer our customers access – from one place – to a diverse range of CNC machining operations and services (and more).

Direct benefit? Cost reduction, as well as a reduction in production time. PROFINOX specialists put their expertise at your service throughout the entire process.

Depending on your metal machining projects and specific stainless steel machining needs, we offer CNC turning, milling, threading, drilling, tapping, chip removing, etc. In addition to CNC mechanical machining services, you can opt for professional services in stainless steel welding, laser cutting, CNC bending, rolling, sheet metal and profile cutting, stainless steel sandblasting, CAD design, powder coating. 


The Profinox team is made up of engineers and specialists in the industry with extensive experience in CNC mechanical machining. Established since 2005 in Cluj, our company has quickly become one of the leading suppliers of stainless steel machining products and services for the pharmaceutical and food industries in Romania.

Experience, professionalism, quality of service and the attention we give to each project recommend us. We offer the best solutions for metal machining, chip removal or stainless steel machining in general for our customers’ projects, so that the final result meets their expectations and needs. Feel free to turn to Profinox services. Request a quote for your project NOW!

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