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High-quality stainless steel welding services

Profinox provides stainless steel welding services of the highest quality. We perform various types of stainless steel welding: TIG welding (or WIG welding), MIG-MAG welding, MMA welding, orbital welding, electric welding, but also aluminium welding.

The main aspect that made us nationally known and appreciated among our customers was and remains the quality of our welding. We have a team of professionals and we make sure that our stainless steel welding, aluminium welding and other welding services are, without exception, performed in accordance with safety and quality standards.

Our vast experience gained in making the most demanding types of welds, such as those in the pharmaceutical industry, recommends us. If you need stainless steel welding services, feel free to request a quote or contact us for more information. 

Welding involves making a permanent join between two or more parts by heating and/or applying pressure, with or without the use of a filler material, so that there is continuity in the material of the joined parts. The rapid progress of technology, a characteristic phenomenon of the present age, is conditioned by the development and application of modern technological processes that ensure both adequate quality and high economic efficiency. Stainless steel welding operations are among those technological processes the weight of which is constantly increasing. Our welding process application ensures: 

increased work productivity; improved product quality; reduced gauges, specific consumption and costs compared to other joining processes. 

This continuous increase in the volume and frequency of welding operations, be it TIG welding (or WIG / TIG welding), MIG-MAG welding, MMA welding or other types of welding, is the result of a change in the design of the products, with the idea of changing their manufacturing technology. At the same time, the development and application of new welding processes and the improvement of the performance of classical processes have transformed the welding operation into a fully mature technological process, able to meet the high demands of current production processes.

WIG welding (TIG welding)

The WIG (Wolfram Inert Gas) or TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) welding process involves arc welding in an inert shielding gas environment with a non-fusible electrode. The WIG welding operation is carried out with or without filler material in the form of wire, with direct or alternating current, the welding source having an external falling characteristic.

WIG welding can be performed in manual, semi-mechanized, mechanized or automated way. It has a high degree of versatility and can be used for the practical joining of any metal, including aluminium. A WIG weld can be performed in any position and the minimum weldable thickness is approx. 0.5 mm.

Frequently seen, TIG welding or WIG welding works are characterized by their high quality and pleasing visual appearance, provided the work is performed by experienced welders with extensive knowledge of the WIG welding process (taking into account the variables, choice of equipment, accessories, correct setting of parameters, etc.).

MIG-MAG Welding

MIG-MAG welding is an electric arc welding process in a shielding gas environment with a fusible electrode. The electric arc is primed between a fusible electrode, in the form of a welding wire, and the workpiece.

MIG-MAG welding has a high degree of versatility, both in terms of weldable base materials (for example, it is used for both stainless steel and aluminium) and welding positions. With a higher welding speed than other types of welding and a strong, smooth weld bead, MIG-MAG welding is currently the most widely-used process at an industrial level.


Orbital welding is a process used to make butt joints for tubular elements. With this type of welding, the welder’s work is entirely replaced by a mechanical movement of the welding head relative to the fixed weld joint. A special system for controlling the process parameters produces a joint characterised by constant geometry, regardless of the welding position.

The orbital welding process is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, resulting in high quality stainless steel welding beads.

MMA Welding

One of the most widely-used types of arc welding, as well as the most flexible, is MMA welding, or manual welding with coated electrode – successfully used for welding stainless steel, aluminium and other metals and alloys.

It consists in striking an arc between a flux coated metal electrode and a workpiece. The heat of the arc melts the base metal and the electrode, which mix together to form a single solid mass when cooled. The core metal electrode or base wire acts as a fuel, providing filler metal for the weld.

The MMA welding process can be used to join several types of steel, stainless steel, cast iron and many non-ferrous materials. For many low- and high-strength carbon steels, MMA welding is the preferred method of joining.


With the help of a high-performance borescope, we can visually examine the internal quality of different types of stainless steel welds performed inside a product or pipe routes, to check the quality of the welding services performed, but also to prepare documentation related to projects in the pharmaceutical field.

  • We are TUV and ISO certified
  • Our employees have diplomas awarded by the Romanian Welding Association as a result of the training courses attended.
  • We have carried out projects for internationally renowned companies such as Pepsi, Strauss, Covalact, Albalact, Olympus, Unilever etc. We specialize in the most demanding types of stainless steel welds – those in the pharmaceutical industry – our clients include companies such as Sandoz, Polisano, Richter etc.
  • Besides stainless steel welds, we provide a large range of high-quality services: laser cutting, CNC bending, rolling, sheet metal and profile cutting, stainless steel sandblasting, stainless steel mechanical machining, CAD design, powder coating, etc. 

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