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Profinox Services: professional services of the highest quality

The Profinox range of services includes a series of high-performance technological processes, carried out using the most efficient technologies in the field. Our specialists bring you the best solutions for stainless steel machining, providing you with a full range of services. Depending on the projects you are working on, you can ask our team for help with any of the Profinox services: stainless steel welding, laser cutting, CNC bending, rolling, sheet metal and profile cutting, stainless steel sandblasting, mechanical machining, CAD design, powder coating, etc.

We will meet your needs with services tailored to your projects, regardless of their stage. Our design specialists will help you shape your ideas into customized projects, and through the Profinox range of stainless steel machining services, we will ensure that your products are executed according to the highest standards of precision and quality.

What distinguishes the PROFINOX range of services?

By choosing Profinox’s services, you have the guarantee of excellent, high-quality results. Clients in Romania have trusted us since 2005, and the professionalism, experience and attention we bring to each project recommend us as one of the top companies in the industry.

The products resulting from the technological processes we carry out benefit from an extended warranty, and the support from our team is constant throughout the project. Regardless of the Profinox service package you opt for, you will have the support of an engineer dedicated to your project throughout the entire collaboration, allowing you to easily monitor the evolution of the processes. Profinox is your trusted ally in carrying out the most complex projects! For more information about the Profinox range of services, feel free to contact us or request a quote.

Debitare laser

we DO what know and we KNOW what we are doing

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Sudura inox

Stainless Steel Welding

The main element that made us known throughout Romania was the quality of welding. Our quality is top notch: – WIG, MIG-MAG,

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Debitare laser

Laser cutting

We provide laser cutting services for stainless steel or aluminium sheets and pipes. High precision and fast execution are ensured...

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Indoire CNC

CNC bending

We own state-of-the-art machines for bending sheet metal or laser cut-out, even for the toughest radiuses. The bending of the sheets...

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Virolare CNC

Sheet Metal Rolling

Through the rolling service we can bring flat parts in cylindrical and conical shapes extremely easy. If you chose to use our laser cutting service first

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Debitare tabla si profile

Sheet Metal and Profile Cutting

Are you looking for sheet metal and profile cutting services? Profinox provides guillotines and mechanical saw machines. By using..

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Sablare inox

Surface finishing

For surface finishing, we focus on an environmentally friendly service that is particularly effective – sandblasting with grains of sand and glass

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Prelucrari mecanice CNC

CNC Mechanical Machining

We perform any kind of CNC machining in a short time even for the most complex parts. Whether you have a single piece or small...

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Proiectare CAD

CAD Design

Through our designing service, we can develop a product exactly the way you imagine it, ensuring support from the start of ...

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Vopsire in camp electrostatic

Powder coating

If you want the surface of your product to have another look other than that of our blasting or mechanical finishing services, you can opt for powder

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we DO what know and we KNOW what we are doing

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