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vopsire in camp electrostatic
vopsire in camp electrostatic

Powder coating of the highest quality

We provide professional powder coating services to achieve a smooth and pleasant finish on your products. The powder coating process ensures efficient and long-lasting surface coverage and costs are considerably optimized. The Profinox team recommends the use of powder coating if you want the surface of your product to have a different look from the one obtained through stainless steel sandblasting or mechanical finishing. You can choose powder coating both for a normal stainless steel painting process, and for elements obtained by laser cutting. The powder coating service performed by Profinox provides you with a high-performance and efficient technique. The process is carried out using a fine powder (a thermoplastic or thermosetting polymer) which is sprayed on and adheres electrostatically to the substrate. After the powder has been evenly distributed, the final step is to fix the paint. This is achieved by exposing the polymers to a temperature of about 200°C for 10 minutes in special ovens. Powder coating is distinguished not only by its innovative technique, but by a series of benefits:

The pigment is evenly distributed in a thick layer, ensuring long-lasting coverage;

Over-sprayed powder applied during the process can be reused during the same process, reducing paint losses;

The environmental impact is reduced thanks to low release of volatile organic compounds;

You enjoy a superior standard of quality at an optimal price.

Besides powder coating services, our specialists provide professional services for: stainless steel welding, laser cutting, CNC bending, rolling, sheet metal and profile cutting, stainless steel sandblasting, mechanical machining and CAD design. 

Why turn to Profinox specialists for help?

The quality of our services and the professionalism with which we complete each project have been appreciated by our customers since our debut on the market in 2005. Over time, we have managed to maintain our position among the top companies in our field, becoming one of Romania’s leading suppliers of stainless steel machining products and services for the pharmaceutical and food industries.

We are appreciated by our customers for the attention we pay to each individual project, for the excellent collaboration and communication we manage to establish with them, and for the superior quality standard we guarantee in our results every time. Feel free to turn to Profinox specialists for help! Request a quote for your projects NOW!

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