SKID - Structures to secure machinery

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Your machines must operate with normal parameters and according to all required safety standards. This is where we come in. Profinox’s team of specialists can build you stainless steel structures that meet the required technical requirements and are in accordance with the expectations and information you supply.

We build stainless steel SKID structures, more specifically stainless steel pipe SKID structures, with square or round stainless steel pipes at their base. We are appreciated by our customers for our sturdy, safe and solid stainless steel SKID structures as well as for the professionalism with which we approach each project.

If you need safe and sturdy metal structures, don’t hesitate: request a quote now and we will get in touch with you!

As they are used to secure various pieces of machinery and equipment and to connect different industrial lines, stainless steel SKID structures offer a number of benefits. Among these, we may mention the following: 

  • Extremely solid and sturdy constructions, our stainless steel SKID structures offer safety for machinery and equipment, both at rest and during operation;
  • They are extremely thermally resistant, as they have no problems caused by contraction or expansion processes;
  • SKID structures provide easy access to equipment for staff, thus ensuring work efficiency;

Depending on your needs, we build SKID structures out of square or round stainless steel pipes. Due to their properties and corrosion resistance, stainless steel structures can be used in a wide range of industries, from the food and pharmaceutical industries to the energy and transport industries, as well as for various types of equipment and machinery (for hospitals, construction, etc.). 

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