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CAD design of the highest quality

We provide professional technical support and CAD design services. Whether you need AutoCAD design support or you are looking for Solidworks design services, we will meet your needs and help you easily develop any product from the early stages. We have a young team of engineers specialized in AutoCAD projects and Solidworks design.

With unlimited creative resources and excellent technical skills, our specialists are able to take any idea or sketch and develop it to the design phase. Our professionalism, attention to detail and prompt delivery of results recommend us. At Profinox, we provide support from the beginning of the project to the execution phase.

Throughout the entire CAD design process, you will benefit from the project manager’s consultancy, allowing you to easily monitor the progress of the project, but also to ensure that the product corresponds exactly to your requirements. Your projects are developed using the most advanced and powerful licensed CAD design software. We offer two options for 2D and 3D computer-assisted design: carrying out AutoCAD projects, and Solidworks design services.

Depending on the specifics of your project, you will determine which is the best option with the project manager. Because we focus not only on quality results but on the whole collaboration experience, we offer you the opportunity to work with the same project manager every time you come back with a new project. By choosing on Profinox CAD design services, you will thus enjoy multiple benefits:

  • project development from the conceptual stage (idea/sketch);
  • prompt response from Profinox specialists;
  • the possibility to modify the design according to your requirements;
  • consultancy throughout the project;
  • support from a dedicated project manager for each application.

With PROFINOX, your projects take shape!

The Profinox team will provide support and consultancy throughout the project. In addition to the CAD design service, our specialists will provide you with a full range of technological and mechanical processes in order to considerably optimize production time and costs.

You can rely on our expertise in stainless steel welding, laser cutting, CNC bending, rolling, sheet metal and profile cutting, stainless steel sandblasting, stainless steel mechanical machining, powder coating. Do you have an innovative idea and need our help to implement it? Feel free to contact us for more information or to request a quote, and our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

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