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The main element that made us known throughout Romania was the quality of welding. Our quality is top notch: – WIG, MIG-MAG, orbital, arc welding.


The operation of making a non-removable joint between two or more parts by heating and / or applying pressure, with or without the use of addition material, the material reaching the joint area either in plastic or molten state, so that there is a continuity in the nature of the fused piece material.The rapid progress of technology, a phenomenon characteristic of the current age, is conditioned by the development and application of modern technological processes that ensure both the achievement of a suitable quality and the achievement of a high economic efficiency.

One of the technological processes whose significance is constantly increasing is welding. Through the use of welding, an increase in labor productivity, product quality, and a reduction in gauges, specific consumption and of the cost price compared to other bonding processes is ensured.

The continuous expansion of the number of welding applications is achieved by modifying the constructive design of some products with the goal of changing their manufacturing technology, as well as by developing and applying new welding processes, respectively by improving the performance of classical welding processes.
Today, welding has become a mature technological process, capable of meeting the high demands of today’s production processes.



Method of arc welding in an inert protective gas environment with a non-flammable electrode. WIG welding is carried out with or without addition material in the form of wire, DC current or alternatively, the welding source having a drooping characteristic external power source. The process can be applied in manual, semi-mechanized, mechanized or automated versions. WIG welding has a high degree of universality, and can be applied for the practical joining of any metal material. It is possible to perform welding in any position, the minimum weld thickness being approx. 0.5 mm.


Arc welding process with fusible electrode, in shielding gas. The electric arc is primed between a fused electrode in the form of a welding wire and the piece. The process has a high degree of universality both in terms of weldable base materials as well as welding positions. Currently, MIG / MAG welding is the process with the highest volume of industrial application.


Is a process dedicated to making butt joints for tubular elements. During orbital welding, the work of the welder is completely replaced by the mechanical movement of the welding head over the fixed weld joint. A special control system for the process parameters allows for a connection characterized by constant geometry regardless of the welding position. This process is especially used in the pharmaceutical industry resulting in high-quality cords.


Hand welding with coated electrode is the most flexible and one of the most commonly used arc welding processes. This involves striking an arc between the electrode with a metallic sheath and a workpiece. The arc heat melts the base metal and the electrode that mix together to form a continuous solid mass upon cooling. The central metal electrode or base wire acts as a consumable, providing the welding metal for welding. MMA welding can be used to join multiple steels, stainless steels, cast iron and many non-ferrous materials. For many lightweight and high-strength carbon steels, it is the preferred joining method.


With the help of an advanced borescope, we can visually examine the internal quality of welding made inside a product or pipe routes, to support the quality of the welding services performed, as well as to prepare the documentation related to the pharmaceutical projects.


– Apart from the 14 years of experience, we rely on the knowledge of Ilyes Francisc, the manager of the company and an engineer with over 25 years of experience
– We are TÜV and ISO-certified
– The members of our team have diplomas awarded by the Asociatia Romana de Sudura (Romanian Welding Society) following participation in advanced courses
– We have carried out projects for internationally renowned companies such as: Pepsi, Strauss, Covalact, Albalact, Olympus, Unilever, etc.
– We are specialized in the most demanding welds, the ones from the pharmaceutical industry. Some of our customers are companies like: Sandoz, Polisano, Richter, etc.

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