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sablare inox
sablare inox


For surface finishing, we focus on an environmentally friendly service that is particularly effective – sandblasting with grains of sand and glass, materials that do not cause a ferrous contamination of the surfaces.
Since one of the most important aspects that reflect the quality of a product is the surface of the product itself, the sandblasting service we offer you can benefit from surface processing at a high degree of precision, since sandblasting with grains of sand and glass allow surface processing even in the heaviest penetration areas and offers a clean and homogeneous appearance of the product.
Another important purpose of the sandblasting is to significantly improve the final appearance of the product.

The sandblasted surface


Surface finishing by grinding is done using hand tools that are attached to discs and abrasive strips of different hardness depending on the required surface.
At this time, besides the sandblasted surface, you can choose the following types of surfaces:

Vibratory and satin finished surface

Satin finished surface

Polished surface

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