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Within our company, we have a young team of engineers who form the bidding and design department, ready to meet customer demands with the most efficient solutions, in a very fast time.
Personalized projects are based on an idea / sketch of the client, which the design department then develops to a level ready for manufacturing and commissioning.
We are with you from the incipient phase of the project to the completion of the project, and you can count on our experience at any time during the whole project, but also after the project is finished, because we have the ability to offer you maintenance services for each completed project.
We serve a wide range of industries through our products and services, from the least expensive to the food and pharmaceutical industry, which are in fact the main segments of our business.
Apart from the production of customized products, we frequently execute a wide range of products and services such as:

proiecte personalizate

1. Stainless steel structures:
– Stainless steel frames
– Stainless steel cases
– Stainless steel tables
– Stainless steel ladders
– Stainless steel railings
– Stainless steel carts
– Stainless steel cabinets
– Stainless steel platforms

2. Stainless steel supply installations/equipment:
– Valve blocks
– Stainless steel collectors
– Distributors
– Technological pipelines
– CIP systems
– Stainless steel conveyers

3. Stainless steel installations for the pharmaceutical industry:
– Valve blocks
– Technological pipe routing
– Borescope inspection
– Documentation

4. Stainless steel storage tanks:
– Stainless steel tanks
– Stainless steel vats
– Stainless steel storage container
– Stainless steel preparation vessels
– Stainless steel boilers


To help shape your project, we will establish a meeting over the phone or face to face, where a dedicated engineer will carefully analyze the information you need to determine the product typology and lay the foundation for the future project.

The initial phase of the project begins with the design using CAD software, where the project engineer will ask you for all the technical details he needs to achieve the exact product, for translating it from idea / sketch into electronic format with our design software.

Here your idea begins to shape up. The design engineer gives you a shape of your idea / sketch in electronic format based on the technical information he received, and your project gets ready to be released in the production process. Once the product looks the way you imagined, you will get an offer in a short time.

For your idea to materialize, we just need the order. As soon as we have the order from you, your idea is released in the production process. What follows is the supply of the materials, their preparation for production, the actual production cycle and then your product is completed.

We have the best solutions for your product to reach you. We have the opportunity to deliver your product in any corner of the country, but also in Europe. You can choose between different types of packaging:

– Double-walled cardboard
– Double bubble wrap
– Stretch wrap
– Foam
– Styrofoam
– Special beds made of cotton
– Wooden boxes

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