We have been present on the Romanian market for over 14 years, during which we have provided a wide range of specialized products for the food and pharmaceutical industry, which has brought us among the top 3 companies in the country, in this field. And our journey has not ended here.

We have developed strong partnerships with experienced companies from the French and German markets that we have served with products and services at the highest standards. We are constantly developing and we want to supply to our clients, as they already expect from us, products and services of the highest quality and efficiency.

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The main element that made us known throughout Romania was the quality of welding. Our quality is top notch: – WIG, MIG-MAG,

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Laser cutting

With laser cutting, we provide a service that allows cutting of stainless steel sheets and pipes to a very high degree of accuracy...

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CNC bending

We own state-of-the-art machines for bending sheet metal or laser cut-out, even for the toughest radiuses. The bending of the sheets...

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Through the rolling service we can bring flat parts in cylindrical and conical shapes extremely easy. If you chose to use our laser cutting service first

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Cutting sheets and profiles

For cutting sheets and metal profiles we also provide guillotine and mechanically powered saws to reduce cutting times and costs.

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Surface finishing

For surface finishing, we focus on an environmentally friendly service that is particularly effective – sandblasting with grains of sand and glass

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prelucrare inox

CNC machining

We perform any kind of CNC machining in a short time even for the most complex parts. Whether you have a single piece or small...

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Through our designing service, we can develop a product exactly the way you imagine it, ensuring support from the start of ...

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Powder coating

If you want the surface of your product to have another look other than that of our blasting or mechanical finishing services, you can opt for powder

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Costel Albu

    What made us order products and services made by Profinox were the seriousness, the professional execution, and compliance with the terms they showed. The staff treated us the same way every time, being open to clarify and solve our requests. If I were to recommend this company to someone, it would be to clients with a high standard of project implementation.


    Cornea Adrian

      We learned about Profinox from a supplier of our equipment that we collaborate with and decided to collaborate with this company because of the quality of service, safety and trust. The team members I came into contact with treated me very well with professionalism. A special feature of the service provided to us by this company was the provision of drawings for all the works and the possibility of verifying the quality of the welds, plus the experience outside Romania for similar works in the food industry. If I were to recommend this company to someone, it would be food-producing companies as well as other companies, because a top company has to work with top companies.


      Bogdan Savastru

        I have known Profinox since the 1990's. Over the years, we have worked together, from simple tables and various supports, to transport systems for feeding packing machines, silos and even technological equipment (such as a flavor mixer ). Technology is becoming more and more efficient, so Profinox was the partner Strauss chose to develop innovations in technology, with Doncafe Fresh. In Manufaktura by Doncafe we ​​created together the first machine that stores, mixes and grinds the Doncafe Fresh coffee according to the consumer’s desires. During the year 2017 we opened the 2nd Manufaktura by Doncafe where Profinox provided services concerning the design and development of this unique machine in Romania as well as for the software which the consumers use to order and customize their coffee, by means of a touch screen. We have recently launched an order for the machine that will equip your 3rd Manufaktura location. The conscientiousness, fairness and especially the professionalism of the people we worked with within this company were and are fundamental qualities. These things make me choose Profinox at the expense of other competitors.


        Laszlo Laszlo

          I learned about Profinox from the Internet and we decided to collaborate because I noticed from the first day that the company has adequate technology and because it has given us support with the design. The staff with whom I came into contact treated me promptly and with professionalism, this type of company being a perfect match for demanding customers in the food and pharmaceutical industry.



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