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…we Do what we know, and we Know what we are doing…


Stainless steel frameworks and structures

By the title “stainless steel frameworks and structures” we understand stainless steel tables, troleys, lockers, shelves, doors, machine frames, conveyors, chassies, washers, etc, all made …

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Stainless steel piping for food and beverage industry

Considering the specific requests in building technological pipelines from stainless steel, we have increased the level of conception and building of piping in the way of grouping and orientating the pipelines in a way that…

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Stainless steel piping for pharmaceutical industry

The pharmaceutical grade piping is a very special field in the stainless steel market, considering the conditions, indication, procedures and requests backed by the GMP rules, resulting a …

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Stainless steel tanks and storage vessels

Our knowlege and possibilities covers the execution of a wide range of stainless steel tank and vessels up to 20.000L, with or without agitators, insulated or not, vertical or …

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Who we are?

Experts in stainless steel processing

The company PROFINOX is a young company, founded in February 2005 with the aim to be the most professional and well known company in the field of production, execution and services for stainless steel products in Romania, and serve the market with modern, professional and high quality solutions. For this reason we have gathered, under this significant name and logo, professionals with over 15 years experience in stainless steel manufacturing. Also, by a good selection of our suppliers, we have searched and found solutions for the increasing demand of quality and diversity related to our activity.

What we do…

Our credo: “…we Do what we know, and we Know what we are doing…”

According to the statement that a company can supply to the related market high quality products and services in an efficient way only by specialization, we have structured and developed our activity considering this the leading aspect. Starting from this idea we have formed abilities and procedures exclusively in the processing of stainless steel.


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